Welcome To Pay Your Subscription… Get register with us and grow you business.

Now a day’s everything is digital. All Business has become digital now. Even costumers prefer online services. So it’s time to grow our business digitally. So we are here to provide digital services.

Why we?

  • Sale your books online easily
  • Get online payment for periodicals
  • Secure and Timely payments
  • You can manage your Store
  • You can deliver you product as per your choice
  • We charged only when you received new order.
  • Get easy access for digital services

How we Help?

  • We will help you through every step of selling online
  • Set up your store on Pay Your Subscription
  • Sale your products online by easy to use listing Process
  • Get your product International and Sale online
  • provide online services to your costumer

How it works?

  • Register with us
  • Set up your store
  • Received orders from costumers
  • Start Your Delivery Process.
  • Received monthly payment from Pay Your Subscription
  • Grow your business

What Are the Fees?

  • Pay yearly registration changes Rs. 1000 Only.
  • 10 % Services charges on Sale
  • No need pay extra shipping Charges to
How to get registerAfter Approval of registration
  • Please enter URL in the browser window
  • Click on the Publication Registration form /Sellers Registration Form from menu
  • Please fill form carefully > Click on Register and Checkout for Payment
  • Verify your details And click on Pay
  • Chose your payment option and proceed for payment
  • After successful payment you will redirected to the sellers dashboard page
  • Keep your Username And Password Secured
  • You will receive registration and payment mail or sms
  • You have to wait until admin approves your request for registration
  • You will receive Mail or SMS after Admin approval.
  • You have to log In with Your Username and Password.
  • You can access seller Dashboard.
  • Update your profile.
  • You can change product details.
  • You can see orders and sales report after you start receiving order.